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Studio Sky Launched

Eric Moser, Julia Sanford, and Steve Mouzon announced the founding of studioSky at studioSky Central on Florida's Amelia Island July 1. Each is a member of the Board of Directors of the Sky Institute for the Future, which is a nonprofit focused on research, education and sustainable architectural prototypes. studioSky is a for-profit design firm that implements the ideals of the Institute. 

Some of those ideals, such as Caribbean Rim Architecturethe Original GreenEvolution CottagesReconnection CottagesWalk Appeal, and the Sky Method were developed primarily by Eric, Julia, or Steve. Others, such as Project:SmartDwelling and the Transect, were developed either in conjunction with others or primarily by others. "We hope," Moser said, "to be able to expand the toolkits of each of these ideals."

Mouzon noted that "some of the best tools are built in the course of design work. That's why we've set ourselves up as a design firm with a slate of services." But it's immediately apparent that these aren't normal design services. Here's why: today's market doesn't need one more firm competing for everyday design jobs. "So we're looking for work that's extraordinary in that it may support the furtherance of one or more of our ideals," Mouzon added. "Maybe someone wants to build a SmartDwelling, or maybe a subdivision wants a radical makeover in order to transform into a thriving neighborhood according to Sprawl Recovery principles. Clients with distinctive opportunities like these are the ones we're built to serve."

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