The Carriage House [Edge Yard Special]

I worked for years to persuade a developer to build standalone carriage houses in a place where I served as town planner and town architect. When he finally built a few, they quickly became the fastest-selling homes in the neighborhood… they were so hot, in fact, that I had to draw more carriage house lots into the neighborhood plan!

A carriage house is like the Rear Lane Cottage: built not on the street, but on the rear lane. It has a garage on the first level and living quarters above. The carriage house pictured above might sit on the same lot with the larger house you see in the background, or it might be sitting on its own piece of property… you can’t tell for sure. In this case, the only clue is the paint color, which makes it a safe bet that both are on the same lot. But sometimes, they can sit entirely on their own with no house nearby, like this larger carriage house:

The smallest models sit on a 20 foot x 20 foot lot, while the one above sits on a lot that’s more like 30 feet by 40 feet… so they aren’t all just alike. But in any case, the charm of living over the garage on a back lane of a cool neighborhood makes the carriage house one of the best-selling home types you’ve never built yet… but should.

~Steve Mouzon

PS: Here are the other building types I’ve blogged about so far: the Edge Yard Dwellings (Cottage, House, Large House, and Mansion), the Rear Lane Cottage, and the Sideyard. I’m also blogging about some really rare but inventive types as I find them. The first is the Mayfair Lane type I found in Buffalo. Finally, I’m blogging about some types we’re developing as well, including the Dream Suite at Mahogany Bay Village.


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