The Rear Lane Cottage [Edge Yard Special]

Some of the most charming homes in Key West are the tiny cottages that you only find if you venture off the streets and onto the rear lanes that make their ways through the middles of the blocks. While Key West is famous for them, you’ll find rear lane cottages if you look long enough in most of the historic parts of town in America.

Rear lane cottages are a great way of getting a big range of affordability in a small area, because they usually sit back-to-back with much larger homes that front the streets that surround them. Sometimes, they sit on the same lot with the bigger house, and were originally built as maybe a guest suite or possibly a granny cottage. Other times, they have been carved off onto their own tiny lots that can be bought free and clear. Think of a rear lane cottage as a place your son or daughter can afford to buy in your neighborhood when they graduate from college.

~Steve Mouzon

PS: Here are the other building types I’ve blogged about so far: the Edge Yard Dwellings (Cottage, House, Large House, and Mansion), the Carriage House, and the Sideyard. I’m also blogging about some really rare but inventive types as I find them. The first is the Mayfair Lane type I found in Buffalo. Finally, I’m blogging about some types we’re developing as well, including the Dream Suite at Mahogany Bay Village.


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