Schooner Bay Architecture

We have been involved with Schooner Bay from the beginning, when Steve worked on DPZ’s original design charrette for the town plan, headed by Galina Tachieva. All three of us have been on several Schooner Bay architectural charrettes, and Steve was commissioned to write the award-winning A Living Tradition [Architecture of the Bahamas] by Orjan and several like-minded colleagues. Schooner Bay is serious about building in a highly sustainable way, and embodies Original Green principles more fully than any other place built in our time. And our idea of Caribbean Rim Architecture was born in the back seat of an airplane on the way back from a Schooner Bay charrette. To date, our largest collection of work at Schooner Bay consists of Julia’s cluster of cottages on the island in the harbour, but we hope our ideals are having an influence for good that is broader than our own work, as we hope you can see in these images of buildings that are mostly designed by our colleagues. Here are some ways the architecture of Schooner Bay is meant to be lovable, and here’s a post detailing the lovability of Caribbean proportions and scale.

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